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Skjorta eller kjol - shirt or skirt

2018-10-03 09:06
Skjorta eller kjol - shirt or skirt
Många har problem med begreppen "shirt" och "skirt". Är du i en butik i ett engelsktalande land och vill köpa en kjol kan det vara nog så förvirrande om du blir visad till skjorthyllan! For a Swede - and maybe others - the words "shirt" and "skirt" sound very similar. This chapter covers clothing, pronunciation and a few easy-to-make mistakes.
Skirt, shirt or blouse, socks or stockings.

Intro: Today we talk about clothing, different clothes and issues around them. We also talk about pronunciation and a few easy-to-make mistakes.

We start with "garment" and end with "blazer". Here are some checkpoints for you:

0:00-1:21  Garment – sometimes it is easier not to get mixed up with all the different words you can use for different types of clothing and just use a generic term.
1:22-2:57 Socks – is it socks, stockings or leggings? Or maybe tights? We try to sort it out for you.
2:58-4:28 Shirt or blouse – what is the difference and is it okay for a man to wear a blouse? And why does the Swedish word bra sound so funny for an English speaking person?
4:29-6:01 Skirt and shirt – there are fundamental differences between these two and we also talk about shorts and kilts.
6:02-9:59 Jacket, suit, blazer – we compare these with Swedish words and find a few false friends and some confusing terms.

A useful hint from Mike
Discussing clothing can be a complicated issue, with plenty of scope for misunderstandings. Sometimes these have comical overtones, but equally may lead to embarrassment. The subject tends to arise without warning, which suggests that you need to wise up on the vocabulary we use here and keep in practice.